Additional duties of phlebotomist essay

It may also discuss the major industries that employed the occupation. For example, place your hand in a glass beaker and push the power supply away from the victim.

What Other Career Opportunities Do You Have as a Phlebotomy Technician?

However, they are part of our thought process, and we consider them to be possibilities for future examination. Explain how the coagulation of blood can be prevented by the addition of oxalates, citrates, EDTA, or heparin.

Recommend this page using: Upon completing training and gaining six months to one year of work experience, you can seek certification from one of several agencies throughout the country that provide credentials to those who successfully pass the exam.

This change has budgetary considerations and requires additional thought and interaction with personnel in the HR, Compensation, and Administration departments, but the foundation for such change has been laid. Figure 4 Additional duties that were removed from the primary task in the job description of Phlebotomist for the University of Maryland Medical System, Baltimore, MD, as decided by on consensus of the research group.

If the patient continues to refuse, the phlebotomist must remain professional and acknowledge this refusal, and document the situation. To sooth these feelings she looked up auto phlebotomy on the internet and learned how to draw her own blood. If there are reasons to suspect that an employee is impaired due to drugs, follow procedures for referring the employee before he or she injures themself or someone else.

Keep in mind that in some facilities and depending on the tests ordered, you may be able to offer the patient a fingerstick in lieu of a venipuncture. Blood is usually taken from a vein on the back of the hand or just below the elbow.

I have chosen this career because I intend to be a nurse. Topics And Examples … Proofread your essay. Many perform customer service tasks and call center functions.

Arterial blood collection carries a higher risk than venous collection, and is performed by a physician or other specially trained professional. We reserve discussions for covering urgent HR topics. Results The laboratory directors discussed how to use the results of this analysis to write standardized job descriptions.

Possessing a record of providing superior patient support, explaining treatments and procedures and answering questions to ensure outstanding patient experiences. Also, since you will already be a phlebotomy technician, you will be able to work while attending school saving you from student loan debt.

According to the occupational employment statistics,p4 Nevada is a high paying state for phlebotomist. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. With this letter and the attached resume, I would like to express my sincere interest in the Phlebotomist position you have available.

The full phlebotomist job description with the miscellaneous information added back in is shown in Figure 6. All dilute solutions of chlorine bleach need to be made weekly to prevent the loss of germicidal activity. If a purple-topped tube is underfilled, the test results will show: Laboratory integration has been highlighted by our medical system as a promising area for improvement.

Describe what types of fires are Class B fires and list the fire extinguish-er s that can be used. If a drunk driver is brought to the emergency room after a serious car accident where a mother and child were killed, and a police officer asks you to collect blood specimens for the drunk patient, describe how you would handle the situation.

The health care worker may either collect blood in a plastic hematocrit tube for centrifuging and reading, measure hemoglobin spectrophotometrically, or use the copper sulfate method, in which the hemoglobin is qualitatively determined.

List at least four problems that can lead to phlebotomy lawsuits. We created a system wide Phlebotomist job description, based on current practice, which reflected the needs of our medical system.

A phlebotomist is a health care support professional who draws blood for testing, research, donations or transfusions, depending on what capacity and environment he works in. Analysis and evaluation of job descriptions demonstrated some inconsistencies and opportunities for standardization. The patient should be moved from a seated position to a lying position to avoid the possibility of falling during the blood collection procedure.Hcs Interview Essay.

went to school for phlebotomy and was originally planning on being a fire fighter. and hospitals and medical offices will often hire additional staffs that are trained in phlebotomy. IN MEDICAL ASSISTANT Performed nursing duties such as phlebotomy, injections, catheters, and wound care.

Assisted with. Check out our top Free Essays on Phlebotomy to help you write your own Essay. A citizen is a member of a community, state, or nation. Citizens have rights and duties as family members, as students in a classroom and school, and as members of their community, state, and nation.

Being a good citizen means following rules and laws being responsible and respectful helping others.

Average Phlebotomist Hourly Pay

The physician assistant program offers me the greatest opportunity to expand my education in my field of interest. I have always wanted to work in a healthcare profession that helps improve the life quality of individuals, especially those in need.

Additional Duties of Phlebotomist -Urine specimen obtained after a thorough cleansing of the glans penis (males) and the labia and urethral meatus (females). -Following the cleansing procedure, the patient passes the first portion of urine into the toilet, stops and collects the.

Comparable Phlebotomist skills can be seen in the cover letter sample provided below. Demonstrating strong knowledge of venipuncture and additional diagnostic testing procedures as well as the proper blood draw order.

Offering complementary assistance in a full range of administrative duties, including appointments, phone support.

Additional duties of phlebotomist essay
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